This website is NOT the official website of the Lambeth Conference - it is an Anglican view of Lambeth 2020 - sharing hopes for grace and community together





Welcome to this website, launched in readiness for the 2020 Lambeth Conference. Welcome to ALL. As Anglicans, we hold a diversity of views, and we come from a diversity of countries, but... we are One in Jesus Christ.

The greatest commandment is Love, and we need that so badly in this world, which has so many pitiful and desperate needs. So may this conference be a time of drawing together in love, and opening our hearts to that love of God... our God who dwells within us. Love is costly, and there was no greater cost than God's giving to us, which we know through the life, and compassion, and death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet, with outstretched arms, God longs to welcome us, and to draw us into the eternal household. We may be diverse, we may have different views, but in Jesus Christ we find our unity in diversity. We find our unity, not in our own righteousness or dogmatic purity, but in who God is. We find our unity in the grace of God.

Since God has chosen to INCLUDE us in God's own family and household, let us not EXCLUDE. The gospel message is a message of compassionate welcome. Justin has spoken of 'Radical Inclusion' and we see that in the very welcome inclusion of people (both in the Church of England and in this conference) who may be diverse in their ability, their race, their age, their gender identity, their class, their sexual orientation and expression, their wealth, their neurological make up, their theology, their social contexts, their culture, their sacrifices, their service... and yet... we are One in Jesus Christ.

In the context of the grace and welcome extended to us, in all our diversity, perhaps it is a fitting starting to point to welcome to the UK and to the Conference, first of all, those people who have been excluded from Lambeth 2020:








And, as Anglicans in the Church of England, we really look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the UK, Canterbury, and Lambeth. You matter! And more than half the members of the Church of England affirm and endorse gay and lesbian sexuality. More importantly, we welcome you as people, and the whole of who you are, loved by God, loved by your spouses, loved by your communities.

And then, may we also welcome all bishops and their partners - and also, importantly, all bishops who are single or bereaved - from so many countries all around the world. The Psalmist wrote: "You send your Spirit, to renew the face of the Earth." May the Holy Spirit, who lives within us, breathe love and grace into our fellowship together. May God bless you with grace.


- more to follow -







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